Souls losing minds seeing an angel walk in the store , my heart is taking action , flowing with her vibe , deceived by infatuation, done with under-ration , replace this heart with another . play your part , give a role . know my worth for I then know you suit me, fit me in, avoid stirring rather glance, I glanced in suspense , it sort of made me tense but those eyes are worth a dream, intuition running in my mind, infatuation flooding my heart, question is, could it be you calling me down , that foolish heart turns like a star, can I call or text you sometime, do I stand a chance? Be honest I said to myself, rather lose her in truth than keep her in lies.
Another one may lead to two . approaching a dead end increasing the pace in motion .
Heart : love’s poaching, you see it approaching, hid in disguise,I áint got faith, but I see yours in me , no hope to lean against.
The places I turn to travel , Love’s in the air that’s good and bad intentions all in one .
The love I have amazing , I too have to be praised,imbraced.
Plans to be layed out quicker than time can compete , value of a lesson , ambition, vision, you being my mission, my goal division.
Our achievements are not expectations or spiritual sensations. How I feel when sharing my love, the hate being of being hurt, learned mastering it as a feeling . life funny , feeling you miss something but still living , I miss loving.

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