I am not thinking about you tonight, by my side if you were here with me tonight.

Love lost reformed, the hearts cause informed & souls losing minds in the mist of all imposed upon emotion.

It’s within that you see what you are without , lost without you, I can’t help myself, for you are my help, the cleaner to all bad & sad encounters, pillar to my leaning tower. Word power, I never thought the words “I love you” would hurt so bad with you saying goodbye .

Goodbye to the beauty that keeps the flame in my heart an inferno.
The sparks around flammables, with eyes that say I’m untamed, a heart that built a wall around itself to lockout the winter, warmth kept in & all I ask is to break down the walls in creation of a gateway to the wonders I bring along .
Try hold back to restrain from pushing you away when the intention was to draw you closer.
Speaking in third person , you and him would make a cute couple, him being me, me being him , lemme love you right, treat you you right, she the perfect height, skin is bright, I just hope we might.
She my kite, fly as I hold her tight, the joy in flight as I stand my ground, you should see her smile , braces on , hair so long, it’s been so long since I have felt so gone, lost in wonder, with my hidden flaws, I long to call and share how she my all.

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