I turn and run thee other way seeing what I see in you. She asked me what is this forever you keep talking about?

Have you ever felt so much for someone that you couldn’t see the end to what just begun?

A Good Morning to the angel that holds my heart so dearly & yet securely .
One I put faith in , with the hopes of a better tomorrow , my vision within missions. I want you to love me for more, I am lonely, you belong to me as I belong to you.
All the time spent away gave time away to work it out, gave it thought , the thought in perception, exceptional how omission carries out neglects, it scares me what I feel for you, I will be there , whenever & wherever you want/need me near. Your love has captured me.

All the thoughts I only get to implement when you’re around,

Fall in love with yourself, your solitude, find yourself in the mist of being lonely

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