Listen as I tell that

Faces change as backs turn, Arson is the crime. Here is where faith burns, lesson learned or maybe yearn to learn the lesson more clearer.

In a town full of waves & trends, we fence, flirt, hurt ourselves giving in to what you don’t feel confident about.

I lost myself in the quest of finding you, found sense in the loss of you, melody in head, can’t we be like another love song, smooth, soothing and heart provoking, I see the way you look at me and it scares me knowing what I feel for you, the feeling of uncertainty in exchange of the love gave.

Your heart elsewhere whereas mine is in your hands , change is usually for the better, but can’t really predict the weather, I don’t know with you, but I know my love is true.

Pathing ways to extend the distance in between, from neighbours that are lovers to distant lovers, a crazy love affair.

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