Oh what you do to me , it can’t be explained, its plain, no pain but gain, the sane complain that it ain’t the same, it takes a fool to love, and love to fool.

I lost myself in the quest of finding you, found myself in the loss of you, saw you walk away with no goodbye said, reminder of that “hi” you said, how you met her be something like how you lose her, the search in defiance of love once found in the lost and found.I sealed the cracks to your heart only for someone to harvest my works rewards, months of plowing and care for a plant I hoped to see its flowers blossom.Nourished like a plant that grew by the banks, ever green, clean, I stand as the soil that holds your foundation , one with your roots for I know your heritage , one with you for your heart is rightfully mine.Share with you the changes I have been going through missing you, long ago and also far away there I fell in love, in the hopes of forever, but my forever defined yours as non equivalent, different mind, different heart, your forever no longer than a year , your goodbye silent as the nights spent alone.The only company from the sheets that warm me , the music in my ears, holding back tears in claim that it ain’t a manly thing to do . What happened to the joy we shared, the love we had ?

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