Miss Misses

Flame caught up ,an inferno waved in defiance of actions over my word for it.

Beautiful angel, eyes and tells, my heart as pearls, she wears her hair as her crown & her smile as a shield. See her pass by and no heart stands a chance.

She’s what I want, all I need, my hearts desire, a love messiah prior all imposed on her, hanging on for God knows what her heart holds.

I question my emotions in thought, hold back as I choose what to say over what’s felt, held throughout the cold nights, dreams clearer, my wishes nearer, I kind of fear her, for she knows what she wants & I stand here uncertain, she has what she wants and I seem to be in search. I think I found

Dominant in every action, fractions of satisfaction, imperfection has never been prettier, beautiful is how she wears her smile in compliment of her eyes.

Confident persona, a personal facade that she presents to the world, not so different with and to me.

Love lives here, and I hope the day don’t come were I get to say love once did , hid innocence in vein, a deceitful smile, impaired and never repaired, spared only to be referred, compared, scares.

Lost sight of patience, saw love cornered , confined for it needed revival.

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