Your words in mine.

I appreciate your presence in my life and I hope to secure your trust so I could love you like you wish to be loved, I wanna be the one you’re free around, share your all, and one to wipe your tears. I almost sheard a tear seeing your tears knocking the other day, it pained me seeing you in that condition, dread echoes off the walls that are exceedingly closing in.
Yet the ground tremors as the defense falls and I know that you’re winning the struggle to happiness for I find joy in you, I see the cliff, the simple no returns edge, before I plunge I struggle to get ahold of breath,no regret calls at my back that plans to see her through, a beautiful lady with eyes that I at times find it hard to look into, lips so tempting I lost count on how many times I wanted to steal a kiss, I don’t know how to hug you for they is no right way to hold you.

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