Short story

Met her on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, saw her climb off a cab at a halfway house, as I fed my addiction, a cigarette bud thrown as I approached.

It was as she went for refreshments, that I thought of saying hi but didn’t wanna budge. Little did I know she will be seated next to me for the rest of the trip.
She said her name as I mentioned mine, Kim she said.

Profound she sat, a pure soul filtered by her choice of words describing her inner self,
well portrayed, well spoken , and surely well raised.
With the knowledge she possesses ,
her offering was way more than I bargained for.
I sat listening to the tales breaking the rules of interaction by not keeping eye contact but it was in her eyes that I saw a light so bright it could blind, it’s there that I started starring at her lips as I listened, time flied & I wished for more , we reaching destination.

What more could have been be time well spent, sharing one another.
I just hope and pray for her well being for God knows what I have in store for her, I saw something in her that I haven’t seen before, the light shined diamonds from her eyes,
hungry for life and thirsty for the distance.

Heaven comes with a burden of the truth, dreams broken by the burden of my youth. Restored hope by faith, faith she had in me as a stranger, I mean it’s strange how ever since I’ve been getting self interogated things seem to be seen from a different perspective, like coming from a neglective house you wish to call a home, you long for the times you, with trusts being what you own.

You hurt drowning in your Sorrow’s of what was done, your gain being the knowledge of man and all they’re ways
No father figure like me, to brew the classic expected of you, years count, quality mounts I’m my own man at the end of the day.
Goodbye as I climb off in the next town.


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