The mist of imperfection

The mist of imperfection dissolves at sunrise as it awaits sunset and for night to rein.
Procrastination my biggest sphere, a fear of trying, flying, depriving it turns to be, should I go over, say hi? Why not ? let’s see what her reaction is.
I went by said hi, do you mind me joining, yes she said I do mind, oh well I’m just a bystander passing by thought I should say hi, share a word or two , your loss.
It’s an honour associating with such an angel. I heard love yourself before you can love others but I feel I can love you enough for the both of us. One look in your eyes and there I see, just what you mean to me.
Here in my heart I believe, you deserve better. Love was once blind patronised, neutralised by another innocent heart, god bless you with the love you don’t give back as I hold you close

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