They’re different but yet similar , only if we were familiar with their terms would we reach an understanding.
Your child is different and you have to acknowledge that, changing your expectations towards them.
It’s not that they’re not communicating or trying but that we haven’t really learned how to listen or understand them.
Patience defines it so well anything else would be a understatement.
Give them time and a equation to clear their mind, music would do, art is perfect, and numbers are worth it with their minds racing incompetence with the world where they’re regarded special needs when they should be treated equally.
Pleas of being those like them but it’s better alone, on their own, with hopes they cope.
Still too young to realize or make sense of what ever, life is still a trip, a journey pack of images, they imitate, concentrate , contemplate thoughts and hearts gazing, feet pacing with no designated destination, I could go on and on but I figure as a woman & a mother you relate.
One of the greatest maths minds if not all had autism, imaginative, creative, & not crazy

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