Angel angles

I thank an angel for being an angel, I hope to pay her what I owe her.

With words being what I afford, she turns out to understand. That being the reason I hurt and struggle to stand down.
Staying by her side like never before, state of being infatuated by who she turns to be after all.
Since I’ve been getting self interogated things seem to be seen from a different perspective, like coming from a neglective house you wish to call a home, you long the times you moan, control its passive tone, with trusts being what you own
You hurt drowning in your Sorrow’s in pain of what I have done, your gain being your knowledge of man and all they’re ways
No father figure like me, to brew the classic expected of me, years count, quality mounts I’m my own man at the end of the day.
I just thank god for my clan, my extraordinary pen, that calls on me fans who tag along some haters , with beef and a boy with sauce
These bullets leave scares with stories behind, I mean, I hate getting to a point where your decisions continue to haunt you.

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