Were you really the one for me though?

Looking back now I don’t think so.
I hurt myself more than I hurt you
We has nothing in common
We shouldn’t have lasted that long
The odds were always against us
But we pulled through time and time again
We came from different places
We didn’t see eye to eye on anything.
We were in love with the thought being in love.
All good things must come to an end
We are no exception.
We surpassed our wildest expectations
Looking back now we did more bad than good to each other
The love was there but everything else went missing
I couldn’t put the pieces together.
Like a puzzle with too many pieces some went missing.
You wandered off into my dark mind and went missing.
I went from a we to a me really quick.
I didn’t have time to look back at all my setbacks while you were trying to hold me back.
I always had my back against wall
Lucky for me the walls are thin
I broke through
And a brand new me came through.
We were never meant to be together.

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