The feel of chills

We just had our realest of conversations in relation. Sparked up by a picture put up.
Like they say a image contains thousands of words and there she composed a sentence.
Suspected with curiosity or just concern.


She sure is something, something bubbling, remarkably unbidden in all she does, you know actions chief, well spoken and brief, one I could turn and say, “She’s the man” but not in the relationship.
I fairly give what I have and keep what I don’t, sharing is what it is about.
All that happens is a lesson, I’ll do better on my next test, believe in me supporting this & giving it breath, keep it alive cause if it dies one of us will go down with it.
Unconditional is the definition of love I don’t bare conditions nor convictions, you as innocent in my eyes as you are to your infant form.


Kabelo Kedishi kyle

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