Alone in the dark

Alone in the dark with my thoughts
Is the darkness inside me or around me
I can’t tell anymore
You will need more than a flash light to
Walk around in this lonely road
Darkness As far as the eye could see
Or the mind could think.
No need to react to anything
It’s just you the darkness and my thoughts
When you start feeling lonely that’s when the darkness starts talking
You have no choice but to embrace your
Dark side.
Unleash your inner beast into the world
Only then would you be able to see in the dark.

2 thoughts on “Alone in the dark

Add yours

  1. We all have darkness inside
    that’s the truth,
    if you don’t learn to handle it
    darkness can be uncouth.
    Thanks God to learn anything
    you have a brain, heart and the web
    if something gets too challenging
    remember you always can get help!
    Not only your inner beast
    also unleash your inner wisdom
    And even if it feels to be unjust
    you’re not fighting it alone
    and if there’s darkness
    lurking around your kingdom
    remember that nothing
    forever remains unknown.


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