Souls losing minds

Souls losing minds , my heart is taking action , flowing with her vibe , deceived by infatuation, done with under-ration , replace this heart with another . play your part , give a role .
Another one may lead to two . approaching a dead end increasing the pace in motion .
Heart : love’s poaching, you see it approaching, hid in disguise,I áint got faith, but I see yours in me , no hope to lean against.
The places I turn to travel , Love’s in the air that’s good and bad intentions all in one .
The love I have amazing , I too have to be praised,imbraced.
What is done impacts on what we run , my future in hand , I’m bound to succeed , no room for mistakes , plans to be layed out quicker than time can compete , value of a lesson , ambition, vision, you being my mission, my goal division.
Soon or later at point in life , no pain nor gain can dig you a grave deeper , avoid regrets , choose a path to stick to , even though distructions over rule instructions , what’s right seems wrong .
You tell me if you’re proud of wearing your own shoes or seek another pair. I wouldn’t judge rather budge, I also look down on my doings.
I advise you not that I’m better but I’ve been through same and knowledge was my gain, each consequence I foresee, forsee where I’m heading, a place with no light, a few steps out of paradise. It’s hard enough as is, standing on two feet, don’t make it harder trying to find your way.
Our achievements are not expectations or spiritual sensations. How I feel when sharing my love, the hate being of being hurt, learned mastering it as a feeling . life funny , feeling you miss something but still living , I miss loving.

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