My inspiration

People often asked me what inspired me to start writing. My answer to those people is simple, pain made me do it, not having anyone to talk too made me do it
Not been able to depend on anyone but myself made me do it.

I have a lot of unsolved issues which I’m trying to deal with right now and writing helps a lot since I can’t talk to people I talk to my notepad.

My problem is that I have so much going on all at once I can’t find the right words to describe what’s going on. I can’t always put my thoughts into words but I try and most of the time it doesn’t make sense and I have to start all over again. Sometimes it just comes to me and I start writing and it makes sense.

I feel like writing is much better than talking to someone who’s going to tell the whole world about what’s wrong with you. So rather hear it from the horses mouth.

My thoughts are not always pretty some are dark. I deal with suicidal thoughts on a daily basis but I don’t let that stop me from living my life.

Trust issues is something that’s holding me back cause I don’t want to get close to anyone I’m the type to not trust anyone I don’t even trust myself. I’m sure you are asking why don’t I trust myself? Because of my mood swings one minute I can be happy and looking forward to something the next minute I just want to drink sleeping pills and never wake up.

Writing is my happy place. Everything I talked about right now is just the tip of the iceberg if I could write a book about my life so far you wouldnt believe the things I’ve been through

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