Without it

We search and long for it
Our hearts bleed without it
We can’t sleep let alone sit without it
Yet we all possess it
Blinded by heat we still search for it
The memories we carry are overtaken by it
We can all see it but we choose to shut our minds to it
That’s the reason we still look for it
It may not stretch from head to feet
But it illuminates and is radiant like heat
We all have it
We all need it
We all are it
It is the cure to all ugliness
Some say it comes with mindlessness
But without it we have nothing but hopelessness
Look in the mirror and you’ll see it
Look within and you’ll find it
Look at your lover and you’ll feel it
It is what attracted you to your one
And your one to you
Clothe yourself with beauty

It’s your God given right You are beautiful

You are full of beauty

No one can tell you otherwise

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