Drugs and depression



You can find song and more on his soundcloud

Artist based in pretoria (012)

Kamogelo Wayne (WXYN) Ngcebetsha, born on the 3rd of
March 1998, is an upcoming South African rapper, poet &
composer professionally known as “WXYN”.

According to WXYN. Music can touch you in ways that words
cant, music channels emotion and it’s able to change your
mood unlike anything else, it flows with your emotions thus
making music life.

How to get in touch with WXYN

Instagram: @Shit_Change_These_Days
Twitter: @WXYN_SA
Facebook: @WxynSA
Email: Waynengc@icloud.com
Cell: +27 (63) 084-5651
Cell: +27 (81) 272-6480

Drugs and depression go hand in hand

In his latest works Wayne has been talking a lot about drugs and depression amongst teenagers. It is a very tricky topic , how does a 15 year old tell his parents that he is tired of life? How do you face your parents and tell them that you want to die and that drugs are the only thing that is keeping you sane. Drugs are used as an escape from reality for people even thou this is not good way to deal with your problems.

Get help

Looking out for a friend or loved one is an important part of preventing suicides.

In South Africa there are 23 suicides a day recorded and 230 serious attempts.

You can call SADAG to talk on behalf of a loved one, colleague, or friend.

Trained counsellors are there to help and refer you to local counsellors, facilities and

Support Groups.

0800 21 22 23 (8am to 8pm)

0800 12 13 14 (8pm to 8am)

Or SMS 31393.


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