depression and drugs

The mind of a teenager is a really fascinating thing to explore. From all the thoughts it gives birth to, to the plans, plots, and schemes it produces it can be considered to be the most unstoppable machine the world has ever seen. It would be if it wasn’t for one thing, one element which consumes the mind of a teenager…

Drugs, the graveyard of any great idea, the graveyard of any bright future which could have been. But why? Is it because of experimental purposes? Or is it more personal than that? We always tend to ask ourselves ‘why’… Why does he sniff those white lines? Why does he inject himself with that needle of destruction? But we never sit down and ask ourselves ‘how’… How can I help him? How did it all start? How is this affecting those around him? If we can just stop for a second or two and ask how, a lot more actions will be taken, a lot less questioning will be done, a lot more lives will be changed, a lot less teenagers will be buried.

A young man with a promising future in music had his life cut short on the 7th of September 2018 due to his exposure to drugs from such a young age, claiming depression is what leads to this, but is it really depression which leads to the usage or is it the usage that leads to depression? The facts are right before us… 1 out of every 5 youngsters who commit suicide do it be means of drug overdose, drug overdoses!! Why?! I ask myself, the answer is still a mystery to me. One thing is for sure though, drug usage leads to depression, and the only escape from the state of depression is drug usage. So your life circles around one center point until it is ended by what it was being controlled by in the first place.

Moral of the story… Stay away from drugs and drugs will stay away from you. Causes of depression are plenty, but every entrance has an exist. Don’t try to take yourself out of depression but fight to take the depression out of you. The only drug I will ever do is love… The love for life.

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