I cant put everything into words I try my best to explain to you how I really feel about you

I wish you could read my mind and see for yourself

I wasn’t joking when I said you are my whole world, you mean the world to me

I couldn’t even go 2 weeks without you

All I did was think about you and how to get you back

I know I cant figure this out on my own

I know I have a lot of issues but that doesn’t mean I cant love you

I see a bright future with and no future without you

My life is meaningless without you

I couldn’t move you cause my other half was not by my side

Before trying to take my life I asked myself why would I wanna live?

Whats the reason for me living

The only thing I could think about was you, seeing you, looking into those big beautiful eyes

You bring out the best in me and hep get rid of the bad

You wont read this and it wont change your mind

I cant accept the fact that it is over between us

I want you back in my life, I wanna see us happy again

To say I miss you would be an understatement

I had a couple of panic attacks all because I lost you

I am not going to let my problems ruin the best thing to ever happen to me

But you need to understand that I never cheated on you

I was always faithful. I am not perfect but I am no cheater

I would like for us to start again and find each other

Love each other be together once more

But all this is possible only if you give us a chance


You are the best thing to ever happen to me. I want to grow old and experience this life with you

I want to take a journey and find out what love really means

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