my thoughts

I am addicted to thoughts of suicide late at night, how can one live like this?

My mind is all over place like graffiti art but this shit is not a master piece, I keep on failing to understand fact that no one wants to be different.

Why not choice the road less travelled by, be of sound nature surrounded by trees and wildlife your mind is at peace now.

Pain is what keeps me up at night as I twist and turn some tunes bring back memories I just had a flashback , locked up in this room all I see is 216 the smoke goes up as the drinks goes down its going down tonight another sleepless night, what on earth is keeping me up at night?

I think my ancestors are trying to talk to me , like the viper I hear voices in my head as I lay on my bed thoughts of her are becoming useless as I start to question life as a whole .

Was this really the plan or is faith playing a sick joke on me but like the joker I am not crazy I am just ahead of the curve.

4 thoughts on “my thoughts

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  1. I love this piece, even though that may not seem like the right way to describe my interest in it.
    It’s written really, really well, I especially love “My mind is all over place like graffiti art but this shit is not a master piece” It’s so good.
    I can also relate to this, so I understand to an extent what you’re feeling in this piece. I won’t say 100% because no one really knows another’s pain.

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      1. I understand completely how hard that it is to do. It can be quite vulnerable at times, too. If you ever feel alone, know there are other’s feeling the same way you do. And if you ever need someone to talk to, just go through my contact page, and I will be more than willing to become a person to talk to 🙂

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