can’t move on

Why I cant let go

I am going to set the record straight

I never cheated

I was always loyal to you

I got sick you thought it wasn’t serious

Suicidal thoughts all day and you couldnt be here for me

I found a friend we talked she help

This was all good news

I told you and you thought I was cheating or flirting with her

You left me at my lowest

I went crazy couldn’t eat or sleep

My mind never rested

I am trying to get back to you

Many say it is a bad idea and someone like you doesn’t deserve to be loved

Maybe I like getting hurt, I am not perfect

One last chance at the love we had and I will die happy

One more chance to show you I mean business

3 months and it still feels like last night

Come back to me and I will show you what love really means

No bullshit just me and my Bae

I will make you happy and I know now you are the one

Life is dull without you

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