up and coming

what is K.O.D Productions?

That’s a good question. Here at K.O.D Productions we are dedicated to bringing you closer to your local artist. We give previews and reviews of the latest music, events, brands and upcoming talent. We believe in supporting one another, we believe local is lekker.

Room 216?

Well that’s the room I first stayed in at res (student accommodation). I have lots to share about that and the different types of music people make and listen too. That place really showed me how different people are and that’s only the first part. What’s funny about it is we learn to live together and form some sort of bound with each other some last for months others can last for years, what stays is the music and how it makes you recall all those moments you had with different people


Here at K.O.D Productions our main focus is promoting domestic digital media and entertainment be it music, poetry, visuals etc.

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